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Signs Your HVAC May Need Servicing 


Texas Summer is approaching and it is always better to be ahead of problems before they become emergencies. Some servicing may come down to calibrating the system, and some problems can be repaired before components failed completely. If you notice these signs that your air conditioning is not working as expected, schedule an HVAC servicing appointment with us.

Warm Air

One obvious sign that something is wrong with your air conditioning system is nothing but warm air coming out of the vents. Shortly after the system engages, you should be able to feel a cool breeze come through the vents as the temperature control kicks in. The first thing to check is what mode your thermostat is set to. Set it to cooling mode and then set the temperature lower than your home’s current temperature. Check the vents, is it still blowing warm air?

If it is, then schedule a visit with us as your system needs servicing. It could need calibrations done, or it could be an indication that something more serious is wrong. Either way, it should be looked at.

Insufficient Airflow

Is the air coming out, but very weakly? There are many reasons that this could be the case. The first thing to check is your air filters. We have covered common questions with air filters earlier, but if you are not in the habit of checking once a month, please check it.  Airflow issues are either blockage or blower problems. If it is not the air filter, then have our HVAC servicing technicians come out to diagnose the problem.

Frequent Cycles

If the system starts and stops often, this could be a calibration issue or something more complicated with the sensors.  Low refrigerant levels can cause short cycling as well. Any of these causes can stress out the system and lower the life expectancy of the components. Components that begin to overheat and then shut off are symptoms of something about to fail.

High Humidity

If it is sticky outside, that can be normal. If it is sticky inside, that is a problem. The air conditioner should adjust humidity levels on its own and remove water from the air. If you can’t tell a difference in high humidity between the outside and inside your home, that is definitely something that should be serviced.

Water Leaks

Pooling water under your unit or dripping into your home could indicate refrigerant leaks and you should call us if you see any signs of this. It will absolutely cause problems with the system if it tries to run on low refrigerant and you may notice other symptoms above. While it is normal for a little condensation to accumulate during operation, any standing pools of liquid are signs that something is wrong.

Unusual Noises

The startup and operation noises are normal. Sudden, unexpected clunks and grinding are definitely not. Rattling and buzzing noises usually mean something that is bolted down is coming loose, so having these traced down and serviced before something breaks is the goal. If you notice noises that are out of the bounds of normal operating noise, it is better to catch it sooner than after a part has failed and possibly causes more damage within the system.

Electricity Bills Twice as High

Has your electric bill during the summer doubled?  Yes, pricing for utilities go up, but if they are drastically increasing over last year, it could be a sign that your system is working too much. There are so many factors that could affect this, but if you haven’t installed any energy-intensive appliances, an aging HVAC system could be to blame. How old is the system? You can expect to need a new system every 7-10 years depending on how well it has been maintained.

Newer HVAC systems are becoming more and more energy efficient, and smart thermostats make remotely monitoring and adjusting temperature easy. We also recommend HVAC Zoning systems to help you keep efficient energy schedules and fine-tune your home’s temperature where you want it when you want it.

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