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Why Is Your AC Unit Leaking Water?

Do you ever see water running out of a pipe on the side of your home, or worse, water stains on the ceiling below your AC unit? This is not normal for your ac unit and needs attention right away. To help explain why you need it checked out we will cover some common causes of your AC unit leaking water.

My AC Unit Makes Water?

When cooling the air in your home, the humidity is also being removed. The result is water that has been condensed from vapor in the air. During normal operation this water removed from the AC unit by a pipe called a condensate drain. When you can see the water that means that something is abnormal and the water is not flowing throw the condensate drain properly. This is a simple issue to fix, but If left untreated the overflow of water can lead to further issues.

Blocked Condensate Drain

As mentioned above, the condensate pipe’s function is to remove normally occurring water from your AC unit. Over time, rust, dirt, and other debris can build up in the line. Eventually that build up will block the flow of water. On the tough clogs we use compressed nitrogen to force the blockage out.

Dirty Air Filter

That’s right, a dirty air filter can cause water to flow out of unwanted areas of your AC unit. A dirty air filter restricts the air flow across the evaporator coil and thus causes the coil to ice up. Once the ice thaws the amount of water is too much for the condensate drain to handle and it overflows.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Low refrigerant levels can cause your unit to ice up, as well. This will have the same effect as a dirty air filter.

Broken or Disconnected Drain Line

Over time, the materials on your condensate drain can weaken and even come unglued under the wrong conditions. If either happens, water will leak out of the unit.

Broken Condensate Pump

Some AC units need to have their water removed via a condensate pump. Like all machines, these pumps can fail. The pump should have an emergency switch that detects failure, but if it doesn’t work water will leak out where it shouldn’t.

Higher Than Normal Humidity Levels

Running a humidifier or leaving the front door open on a rainy day with the AC on? You can bet that this will cause excess condensation in your AC unit.
It is normal for AC units to make water and even to overflow in the emergency pan at times. If you notice prolonged drainage out of a pipe on the side of your home or a water stain on your ceiling below the unit, call an HVAC professional right away!