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Commercial HVAC Services

The prosperity of business owners and employees, regardless of their size, is a crucial aspect of businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Bearing this notion in mind, Gentry Air Conditioning offers commercial heating and cooling repair services to help maintain the comfortable environment necessary for business success. Ensuring that your employees and guests are comfortable is vital in running a successful business or commercial space. If your employees are uncomfortable, they will not be able to perform their job effectively, and guests or clients who feel uncomfortable are more likely to leave. Our goal is to prevent such situations from occurring by providing reliable heating and cooling repair services.

Keep Your Business Up and Running

Gentry Air Conditioning provides commercial clients with services as simple as inspecting and changing filters, all the way to installing new systems during commercial construction. More specifically, we inspect and maintain cooling systems during the hot months, and inspect and maintain heating systems during cold months. Regardless of the time of year, the equipment will be cleaned by our service technicians. Additionally, we do repair on equipment of sizes up to 25 tons in size. Should the equipment need replacement, Gentry Air Conditioning can handle any commercial HVAC installation. Lastly, and as previously mentioned, we can install an entire system while your space is under construction.

We feel passionately about serving the businesses of North Texas, and as a local business ourself, we understand the needs of business owners in this region. Call us at 817-488-6733 for more information about our commercial HVAC services.

Commercial AC Repair

We run a great business and we’re exactly who you want to call when it comes to getting your business back to work. Gentry Air Conditioning has professional technicians that are outfitted, trained and supported to be able to quickly respond and fix your commercial HVAC systems.

Trane Voyager Light Commercial Rooftops
We know what business owners need to make their decisions and you can count on us to give you great service. We inform you in advance of repairs and give you time frames on what and how long it will take to repair your systems. Our technicians will estimate costs and get full approval from you before moving ahead with only the repairs that you need.

We are fully licensed and insured and guarantee our work. Your comfortable business environment is OUR business and we respect it and know how to give the best air conditioning repair experience possible to our clients.

We offer regular maintenance and inspection contracts in addition to being available at a moments notice to respond to any emergencies.

We service all makes and models of equipment and keep our staff up to date on certifications and trained to work on all equipment. Whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, civic center or business complex – Gentry Air Conditioning knows commercial AC repair from the smallest to the largest.

Call us at 817-488-6733 to or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation or repair and find out why we’re the best in the area.

As a Trane Comfort Specialist, Gentry Air Conditioning is dedicated to providing both our commercial and residential clients with reliable energy efficient HVAC equipment that delivers complete comfort-all day, every day.


Contact Gentry Air Conditioning

Call us at 817-488-6733 to schedule an appointment or for emergency service.

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Commercial Air Conditioner Replacement & Installation

Your business’ heating and air conditioning system is responsible for keeping your workspace comfortable all year long. With that duty comes a great amount of stress. It’s hard work keeping your place of business at an acceptable temperature year round. There are belts that can stretch, electrical connections that can fail and parts that can lose efficiency over time. If you’ve noticed your HVAC system straining to keep a certain temperature or you’ve been paying more than usual on your electric bill, you may be due for a commercial HVAC maintenance check.


Commercial HVAC systems are serious capital investments and it is important to understand the benefits and options involved. We are a group of experts with the experience to give you sound advice on making these projects work for your business. Proper professional installation prevents extra downtime for your business. Choosing us for your projects will give you the peace of mind that the job will be done correctly. Poor installations can lead to unnecessarily high utility bills and cause many problems in maintenance and repairs. With the ever-changing weather in Texas, climate control is a critical concern for our area.

When is it time for Commercial HVAC Replacement?

Most business owners don’t inspect their air conditioning and heating systems. Many times you aren’t aware of changes or maintenance issues until the system has broken down and you make a service call to handle the problem. If your system is requiring frequent repairs, it could be time to start thinking about replacement. At a certain point, the cost in labor and parts to replace failing components is going to be a concern as that unit reaches its end of life.

  • Have you noticed a steady increase in energy usage?
  • Is your unit making weird noises or laboring during its cycles?

Seventy percent of all commercial buildings that were built prior to 1980 have not had HVAC replacement or upgrades. Age is a major determining factor in whether replacement and the benefits of a new system make the most sense. If your commercial HVAC system is 15-20 years old, it’s a good candidate for replacement. Most commercial HVAC systems are less efficient and due for an upgrade around this time.

commercial air conditioning

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

How often the system has been maintained and cleaned goes a long way to how much wear and tear the unit has experienced.
Some malfunctions are simple to repair, like blown fuses and dirty filters. However, refrigerant changes or issues with furnace fans should be left to professionals.  With commercial systems, even changing the air filter is not as straightforward as a residential system, and improper installation can have drastic effects on your system, your air quality, and your energy costs. Consider having us out to do regular maintenance – not only are you guaranteed to have the work done properly, we can spot developing issues before they become major concerns. Many times, a commercial HVAC system has equipment that isn’t reached easily like roof units. These may seem like out of sight, out of mind solutions but neglecting their maintenance schedules can be a severe capital expense if they fail. If you have roof units that need replacement, we can coordinate the equipment needed to make the project happen with the least amount of downtime.

Spring/Summer Maintenance Checks

Fall/Winter Maintenance Checks

Most HVAC system failures are preventable and have been showing signs of failure long before it actually happens. We will come out to your place of business and inspect all aspects of your heating and air system to make sure there are no parts that need to be replaced, if there are, we will replace them. This includes air filters!


Schedule an appointment with one of our commercial air conditioner replacement specialists and have a professional take a look and get ahead of any major surprises. We help keep your customers and employees comfortable and your bottom line healthy. We feel passionately about serving the residents of North Texas. Call us at 817-488-6733 for more information about your heating needs.