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Residential Air Conditioner Repair

We service all makes and models of residential air conditioners. Our experienced technicians are trained to be able to troubleshoot and repair equipment when possible, and will never sell you equipment or service you don’t need. Before your air conditioner fails completely, if a repair is needed, we can do the work and explain to you what is being done.

There are often signs that a system is failing before it occurs. If you’re hearing grinding, squealing noises – call us for help. Avoiding dealing with the issues can cause costly damage and make a repair job turn into a replacement job.

Consider the age of your air conditioner. If it is more than 8 years old, or if the cost of repair is more than 50% the cost of a new unit, the repair may just be a stop-gap measure.

We’re Ready to Solve Your Air Conditioning Problems ASAP

When it’s hot outside, your home needs to stay cool. Gentry Air Conditioning has the experience and the knowledge to make sure your home is comfortable all year round. We’re ready to assist with all of your air conditioning needs. We will come to your home or business, diagnose the problem, and offer a solution. Our techs are highly trained, licensed, and up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry.

Common Air Conditioning Issues

Insufficient Airflow

When you have an issue with insufficient airflow, you may experience hot spots in your home, or little to no air blowing from vents. You may also experience air drafts or pressure imbalances, which may become obvious when doors start rattling or closing on their own. These problems could stem from something as small as dirty air filters or as big as having the wrong sized HVAC unit installed in your space. Our professionals can come assess your unique situation.

Water Leaks

Leaking units have two main causes – either a clogged drain or possibly a leak of the refrigerant. Either way, you will want to call us immediately to come out to service the problem for you.

Blowing Warm Air

When airflow is no longer cool, it could be an issue with a system’s compressor that may require service to restore to proper operation. Other times it could be a capacitor or fuse -- repairs that will not cost you much. If the issue is with a refrigerant leak, it can likely be repaired, but expect to pay more as the cost of refrigerant and service can be more expensive.

Loud Noises or Humming

While a humming sound isn't usually anything serious, it does signal that something is off inside your air conditioner. Loose parts can cause vibrations that can lead to more serious problems if left unchecked. Sometimes loud buzzing noises can be an indicator of compressor problems or electrical problems. Don't wait these out: give us a call to investigate.

Irregular Cycling

While the average air conditioning cycle lasts around 20 minutes, sometimes your unit goes through cycles too quickly. This issue is called "short cycling," and results in increased energy costs and excess wear and tear on your system. The main causes of short cycling are low refrigerant levels, having an AC system too large for the house, iced over or dirty evaporator coils, and dirty or clogged air filters. An HVAC professional can help you determine what's going on if you're experiencing irregular cycling.

Bad Odors

Air conditioners need regular maintenance, and without it, odors can develop that signal issues with bacteria and possibly molds. Your unit may have developed "dirty sock syndrome," a condition where your air conditioning system comes on and smells like… dirty gym socks. This is the result of bacteria and dust collecting on your evaporator coil during the winter. Once the AC is turned on, moisture is introduced and mixes with the bacteria and dust to create the smell. Luckily, it isn't harmful to your health, but it is definitely a nuisance. Coil cleanings and odor neutralizers are some common tools to help quell the issue, but the best treatment is never allowing the bacteria to enter your system in the first place.

Air Conditioner Won't Turn On

If your air conditioning unit won’t turn on, check your thermostat! It could mean that it is not set correct or has dead batteries. It could also mean you have a stuck fan relay, a short, or a faulty thermostat.

We also check and correct issues with ductwork, blowers, fans and all others parts of your residential units. We do an on-site analysis to assess your complete system and give you an estimate after the analysis is complete. We feel passionately about serving the residents of North Texas. Call us at 817-488-6733 for more information about your air conditioner repair needs.

As a Trane Comfort Specialist, Gentry Air Conditioning is dedicated to providing both our commercial and residential clients with reliable energy efficient HVAC equipment that delivers complete comfort-all day, every day.


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