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HVAC Zoning – What Is It and How Does It Work?

HVAC Zoning allows you to provide different heating and cooling conditions for zoned areas of your home. There should be no more arguing over what to leave the temperature set at when you can have your own personal space be the perfect temperature for you. Do you want the temperature in the bedrooms different from the living areas? HVAC Zoning allows you that luxury.

EWC Ultra-Zone Homes require no special attention. You set the temperature in each zone, and the EWC system manages the details. Each zone is controlled by its own thermostat and communicates to each other to maximize energy efficiency. The Ultra-Zone system is a quality solution that integrates zoned thermostats, a zone control panel, zone dampers to control airflow, a transformer and occasionally a by-pass damper.

In normal single zone HVAC system, you set the temperature and the entire home is set to that temperature. The only way to change individual rooms is often to close vents manually. You can actually end up damaging your HVAC system by running it with too many outlets closed as it affects the airflow that the system requires to run properly.

How does HVAC Zoning create different climate environments?

A combination of the HVAC zoning system and electronic zone dampers sequences the thermostats call to control airflow in the ductwork. It senses and provides the correct temperature air to each zone as specified with the thermostat for each zone. The dampers insert into existing ductwork or can be installed at the air outlet for each room or zone. Multiple dampers can be controlled together for a single zone if there are several ducts serving one zone.

Each heating and cooling zone also uses its own thermostat which directs heating, cooling and fan operations for that zone. They connect into a central control panel that organizes all the parts to provide customized areas by using the existing HVAC system.

If an area needs more air, the thermostat tells the dampers to open. Once the desired temperature has been reached, the control panels tells the dampers to close for that area and continue to provide air to other areas if they need it.

This works for both heating and cooling through the same system.

Where would I use this system?

These systems are ideal for places that tend to have hot or cold spots. Most two-story or multi-level homes can benefit from the even temperature distribution provided by an HVAC zoning system. At a basic level, two zones are installed – one for the upper floor and one for the lower floor. Basements are another area that benefits from this kind of zoning solution.

Bedrooms make another great zone that can be different from living areas. If someone in the home likes it much colder or warmer than the rest of the house, this is the solution that stops arguments over what temperature to set the house.

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