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What Is A Zone Damper System?

Independent HVAC units for different areas of the home are preferred, but adding another HVAC system after the home is built can be very expensive. A zone damper system is a solution that uses your existing HVAC system and turns into multiple zones that can control selected areas of your house more precisely.

How does it work?

We install a zone control board on your indoor unit, add in mechanical dampers and thermostats that control which areas of your home need climate control. When you turn on the thermostat in one area of the house, it only cools or heats that area instead of the entire house.

Why do I need it?

Not every home needs a zone damper system. These systems are very useful when you have a house that has hot/cold spots, two or more floors in the home with one HVAC system, or people living in a house that may have very different ideas about what temperature is comfortable.

For example:  A large house that has one HVAC system that gets hot on the west side in the evening. While trying to cool the west side of the house, the east side gets uncomfortably cold. If the homeowners installed a zone system, then they could independently control those areas of the home.

What are the drawbacks?

The main drawback is issues arising from a breakdown. Since your home is still cooled/heated from one central HVAC system, any break down will cause the whole house to have an issue. Also, you cannot simultaneously cool one zone and heat another. This is a rare occurrence, but customers have asked before.

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