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Is One Room Hotter Than the Others?


Is one room in your home always hotter than the rest of the rooms?

Those who have one room in their home, such as their bedroom, that is notoriously warmer than the rest know all too well how frustrating (and not to mention uncomfortable) this can be. It seems like we all have that one room that doesn’t feel just “right.” While there are lots of factors that influence how much or little air reaches a room, here are some of the most common reasons and what you can do about it:

Sometimes the issue lies with where the room is located within the house. If a room is west or south facing, above a garage, especially rooms upstairs, these rooms tend to require more air/capacity than other rooms do in order to stay at the same cool temperature.

We can’t relocate an entire room within our house, so how do we fix such an issue? Luckily, we have several good methods.

We can install a remote temperature sensor or relocate the thermostat to read the temperature of that warmer room. If the thermostat is located in a room that stays cooler than others, the thermostat has no way of knowing and will go off the temperature of the area where it is located.

We can also adjust airflow dampers or install them if they are not already present. These dampers allow us to move air from room to room to even out the pattern of airflow, customizing your HVAC system to best meet your needs.

We can also increase the size or number of ducts in the area. Sometimes the room was not ducted correctly from the beginning in the original design of the home. Adding or increasing ducts gets the air you need to that room.

If all else fails, you can increase the size of your HVAC unit by replacing it or adding a ductless minisplit to tackle the room. These are the most expensive options, so they should be the last resort.

Lastly, the 2022 summer has been one for the record books. Many customers are experiencing rooms being uncomfortable that are normally comfortable during other summers. Our advice is to remain calm and understand the extreme heat we are experiencing before reaching into your wallet to fix a problem that wouldn’t be there during a normal summer.