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Creating Comfort Through Humidity Control

It is not often thought about as obviously as temperature control, but humidity is one of the most important aspects to creating a comfortable indoor space. Commercial buildings, especially, should focus on maximizing customer comfort. This is perhaps truer in dining spaces than anywhere else.

If a building HVAC system isn’t recirculating the air like it should, customers will notice. Cooking produces heat and humidity, and so does dishwashing. Just ask anyone who has ever worked in the back of the house! Without a robust HVAC system in place, customers will feel the increased humidity and temperature in the restaurant. They’ll notice sweating windows, potentially feel moisture at their dining table, even see it dripping from ceiling supply air diffusers. For restaurants in high humidity regions, this can become alarming as it can frequently lead to mold growth.

With so many variables impacting humidity in restaurants and kitchens, a building automation system (BAS) can help you maintain best practice humidity levels based on The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) recommendations.

Today, roughly 30 percent of restaurants and retail buildings are managed using some type of remote capability. By switching from more manual ‘in-person and on-site’ traditional thermostat, facility managers are saving up to 15 percent or more in operating costs by avoiding service truck rolls and utility costs by simply remotely managing temperature setpoints and occupancy schedules.

While the cost of a fully-featured building automation solution may be outside most budgets, there are lower cost building automation solutions. For instance, Trane offers Nexia, an easily installed, cost-effective building automation solution.

As customers become more educated on the indoor air spaces they visit, delaying maintenance and service could cost a restaurant a repeat visit.

If you aren’t sure whether your building humidity levels are correct – let us help. Our experts understand the unique applications for restaurants and kitchens and can help you achieve your IAQ goals using the most cost-effective solutions. Especially if you’re reopening, take the time to schedule a visit by the experienced heating and air conditioning experts from Gentry. We can help you optimize your space and keep those valuable customers happy.