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Benefits of a Humidifier

We all make sure to take measures to keep our homes warm enough in the cold winter weather. However, there is one consideration that many overlook — the warmer your air, the drier it is. A humidifier is a device that heats water into steam and releases it into your home or room, increasing the level of moisture in the air. There are many types of humidifiers ranging from small standalone units that fit on your desk, to larger units that can be integrated into your HVAC system, like Trane Steam Humidifier.

Dry air in the winter can be irritating and lead to other health issues. The recommended humidity range for your home and your health is 35-50%. Throughout the winter, your furnace often strips the air of moisture during the heating process, which can cause the air inside your home to feel exceedingly dry. The best way to have a more energy-efficient and comfortable home during the winter is to control your indoor humidity.

Benefit #1:  More control over the humidity in your home or room

By adding a whole-home humidifier to your HVAC system, you can alter humidity levels through your thermostat. You will have the ability to place the humidity to any level you choose without worrying about turning the system on and off. In addition, you don’t have to worry about purchasing or operating individual humidifiers for each room or area (or keeping their water levels stocked).

Benefit #2: More comfortable air

The dry, cool air can cause a lot of static. Is your family getting shocked more lately? A humidifier makes the air less dry and lowers your chance of being shocked at home. Since humidifiers add moisture to the nasal passages and respiratory systems, they could also help decrease snoring and, in some cases, do away with it entirely leading to a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

Benefit #3: Protection for wood floors and moldings 

Air that is too dry can also affect the finishes and furnishings in your home, particularly those made from wood, causing them to shrink, warp, and crack. Low humidity could also have an unfavorable effect on paper products, such as photos, posters, and books, resulting in them becoming more brittle.

Benefit #4: Reduction in respiratory problems

A lack of moisture in the air can dry out your nasal passages, leading to irritation of the skin, eyes, nose and mouth and may even exacerbate respiratory illnesses. Installing a whole-home humidifier for your heating and cooling system can help clear your sinuses, moisturize your nasal passages, and improve your breathing. Adding moisture to your air is ideal for your health. Whole-home humidifiers help minimize your risk of illness as viruses and bacteria do not survive in moist air.