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Why Trane is the Best Air Conditioning Manufacturer

Trane Authorized Dealer

You may have heard it in the memorable ads for years on television and radio: “nothing stops a Trane.” We in the industry know from countless experiences that this is so much more than a catchy tag line. Trane manufactures the best air conditioning units available, and we at Gentry Air Conditioning and Heating are proud to offer them to you. What is it that sets them apart from the rest?

Trane Air Conditioning Reliability

Trane air conditioners are well known in the business for their reliability. We are happy to set you up with their products, and we expect to leave you at the end of your installation call a satisfied customer who does not need to call us again for a good long while. They are consistently well manufactured using the highest quality materials, so you have the peace of mind of knowing that once that unit is installed, you don’t need to spend your valuable time worrying about your home’s temperature, even in the hottest Texas summer.

Trane air conditioner units run so well and so effortlessly because of the attention to detail put in long before your unit arrives at your home. Strong research and development combined with expert engineering equals unparalleled quality.

Further, Trane is selective about the contractors that they allow to sell their product. Understandably, a manufacturer of their caliber only partners with the best contractors to sell, install, and service their units. The professionalism and training of the technicians is as important as the air conditioner itself, and you will find that Gentry Air Conditioning and Heating provides you with outstanding service that lives up to this high standard.

Once your purchase is complete, registering your Trane Air Conditioning products gives you one of the strongest manufacturer’s limited warranties on parts available. Trane even offers a process to transfer your warranty to a new owner, should you sell your home.

All these factors combine to give the customer a deep sense of value, longevity, and contentment with a world class product. Put simply, Trane is the best around.