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How to Choose a Local HVAC Contractor

You want to make sure that the local HVAC contractor you hire to take care of your heating and cooling system is well-trained and certified, because systems are very complex and host numerous safety concerns. On top of that, you want your home to be well cared for. Here are things to do and not to do when looking for an HVAC contractor.

Do not take estimates over the phone.

No two air conditioning units are the same, therefore there are too many factors to consider. While some contractors may give you a price range, no reputable contractor would give you a bid over the phone because they must be able to check a list of things. They must be able to see the ducting, how your unit is registering in each room, what kind of insulation you have, and lots of other details including measuring your home for a properly sized unit. Make sure that the contractor surveys your house, crawls into your attic and walks around the house to inspect it. Inexperienced contractors and someone trying to gain business without doing the work will give an estimate without really seeing what is going on.

After your contractor does come to your home and surveys your property, get your estimate in writing. Do not accept a verbal contract. If they are reputable, this should not be a problem. It should include the price as well as all services that need to be done.

Experience and knowledge are vital.

Technology is ever changing and what might have worked ten years ago could be outdated regarding your air conditioning system. Ask if the company is knowledgeable about new technologies, including smart home planning. If they don’t know what the latest updates are you may want to move on. If you are wanting someone a little more seasoned, most states require that contractors have 2-5 years of experience before being hired. Just ask the company what they require before they hire their contractors.

Make sure your contractor is licensed.

It’s easy to see and find out. License numbers are required to be listed on their website and paperwork. Some cities and states provide websites with licensed information. If there is no license, there is no insurance to cover the job if it is not done properly. Do not risk hiring someone who is only claiming to be licensed. They could severely damage gas lines or electrical applications that you, consequently, would be responsible for.