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Does Your Business Need a Commercial Maintenance Agreement?

Commercial HVAC


Commercial HVAC Maintenance is a critical part of the overall strategy of most big operations and large commercial building owners to protect one of their greatest investments: their building. However, many small to medium sized operations tend to wonder if they can get away with performing HVAC work in-house. It may just make sense to get yourself a commercial maintenance agreement instead. Here’s why:

Commercial HVAC service contracts give business owners and managers peace of mind. They know they are less likely to have a major equipment failure by having routine maintenance done on their HVAC system to ensure all equipment is running properly. HVAC experts are able to spot problems during routine maintenance that the untrained eye can’t see. Without regular maintenance, small problems can quickly multiply to become costly emergencies. If you have multiple locations with different types of HVAC equipment, you’re going to need multiple maintenance visits, and these can add up. A maintenance agreement can cover the number of visits that you require for one flat rate.

Businesses with commercial HVAC service contracts get the same technicians regularly. The technicians get to know them, their personnel, their building’s layout, and their equipment inside and out. Technicians who know your equipment can spot when something changes, even subtly, and take care of the issue before the equipment breaks down.

If you don’t have an agreement in place and an emergency arises, you’re stuck contacting a company that isn’t familiar with your system. You’ll also most likely pay more for the service call, repairs, and replacement equipment. If you do have an agreement in place, you will be afforded special considerations. Again, businesses with commercial HVAC service contracts tend to have fewer emergency repair needs, but when they do, they get priority service. Those without contracts get put on a waiting list, which can get long during summer months.

Even better, businesses that develop a long-term relationship with an HVAC company gain a business partner who can give them advice about equipment replacement. The expert guidance allows owners to plan and budget for new equipment.

Try it for a while, and you may ask yourself how you ever lived without a commercial HVAC maintenance agreement!