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Why Proactive HVAC Maintenance Saves You Money

HVAC Maintenance

We’ve said it before, most people don’t call us at Gentry AC until it’s too late to save their current HVAC system. Instead, we end up doing near complete replacements that cost quite a bit more than simple maintenance would. However, a lot of people don’t really understand how investing in preventative HVAC maintenance can save you money in the long run. In response to that, we’re going to run through three key areas where a proactive approach can show tremendous value in the long run.


Repairs are smaller and least expensive.

HVAC systems generate a lot of heat due to friction, so small parts will undoubtedly fail over time. The difference is that by being proactive with HVAC maintenance, the small inexpensive parts can be replaced at a lower cost before their failure leads to a larger, more expensive part failing as well. Part failure, and general wear & tear tend to snowball if not addressed quickly, so by replacing small parts as they fail, you save money by not having to replace expensive parts or an entire system.


Your energy bills can be significantly reduced.

Your monthly energy costs are extremely dependent on the efficiency of your HVAC system. In turn, the efficiency of your system is dependent on the quality of the parts within it. By not routinely cleaning vents & ducts, replacing filters, and repairing broken parts, you’re seriously hampering the effectiveness of the system. Conversely, by keeping an eye on vents, ducts, and filters, and by hiring a professional to perform routine maintenance, you can keep your system as efficient as the day it was installed, which has a strong effect on your energy bills.


Your HVAC system will simply last longer.

Like any other part of your home or business, your HVAC system will wear down over time. No amount of preventative maintenance can prevent the inevitable. While expensive, the more preventative maintenance you do, the less often you’ll have to replace your system. The life of your system will be significantly longer if you’re proactive, which means you’re replacing it far less often.

So, does preventative, proactive HVAC maintenance cost money? Yes, of course. But, does it save you a lot of money over time? Absolutely. At Gentry AC, we strongly encourage you to engage in preventative maintenance. Reach out to us today, either online or over the phone, and schedule your routine HVAC check as soon as possible, especially as Summer is upon us!