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5 Reasons to Consider Replacing Your HVAC Before Summer Hits

Replacing your AC system is inevitable from time to time. Whether the unit is extremely old, it has been damaged beyond repair, it is not cooling properly, or replacing is cheaper than repairing, it is imperative to replace your HVAC system with a new one and gain the peace of mind that your family is safe and comfortable.

However, replacing your HVAC system during the summer season could translate into a higher replacement cost, slower turnaround time and higher inconvenience. There is no doubt that the best time to replace HVAC systems is during the off-season.

Read on for five reasons to consider replacing your HVAC system before summer hits:

Constant repairs

Are parts failing on your HVAC system or are you adding refrigerant every year? The individual repairs may seem like a better deal than a new unit when they happen, but costs add up over time. More to consider is that parts rarely just immediately fail. It is usually a process that happens over time and this makes the unit less efficient and raises your electric bill. Not to mention the inconvenience of an AC unit going down in the middle of summer is something that you would rather not go through.

The house doesn’t cool well

You may find yourself asking, “it used to cool better, right?” Just like a car with 100k miles, your HVAC unit works hard and wears down over time. At some point, the unit won’t be able to keep up with the persistent demand and will start to lose capacity to cool your home. It’s worth having a professional AC company take a look to see if anything can be done, but sometimes the unit is too worn out and needs to be replaced.

Age and warranty

The average AC unit lasts 10-15 years. The standard part warranty on an AC unit is 10 years. That sounds like a lot of time, but it can go by in a flash. Once your unit reaches those higher ages and the warranty is out, repairs can get very expensive. Spending several hundreds or thousands of dollars on an aged unit may not be the best use of your money.

Your unit uses R22 refrigerant

If your AC unit was built before 2010, it very likely uses R22 refrigerant and many homes in our area have units this age or older. R22 refrigerant has been phased out of use in the United States. R22 refrigerant prices have risen, due to many factors, and have reached a point such that adding 1 or 2 pounds per year is no longer financially feasible.

Poor or unknown maintenance history

Many people are new to our area and we often get calls from people that just moved in and their AC is out. We often find neglected units that may have never been professionally serviced before. This lack of service is just like never getting a physical from the doctor and small problems grow into big problems over time. Sometimes it is best to start fresh instead of inheriting a unit that the previous owner did not properly maintain.

Get in touch with Gentry today, to discuss whether HVAC replacement is right for you this season. Our friendly, experienced professionals are here to walk you through the options that fit your unique needs.

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