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Is a Mini-Split System Right for Your Home?

There are times in our lives when we have to make a decision we dread making. Replacing that air conditioning unit that you thought would last forever shouldn’t be a stress-inducing decision. A mini-split system uses heat pump technology and works well in homes that do not have a high heating and cooling load and good sealing and insulation. Choosing both cost-savings and optimum functionality is important for your home and should be an informed decision. Here is how to decide if this system is right for you.

A mini-split system is highly efficient and is the most effective cooling and heating system available. You can choose which areas of your home should receive the most air, unlike central heating and cooling. They come in different sizes and no gas is required. Mini-splits dispense air into a room straight from the heat pump coils so there are no ducts required. This means less leakage and no maintenance for duct work. Installation is more advanced than a window unit but much less complicated than a central AC system. Although advertised as a DIY job, this job is best left to professionals to ensure it is installed properly and the warranty is valid. If correctly installed, your mini-split system can last 12-18 years. Mini-split systems are customizable with timers and sleep functions allowing homeowners to take more control of when and how they heat or cool their homes.

Mini-Split AC Unit Limitations

For all of their advantages, Mini-split A/C units do have their limitations. If your home is large and poorly sealed, a mini-split system isn’t able to handle it. Despite the excellence of engineering, you cannot compensate for a lack of insulation or poor building composition. You must decide if this type of heating system is best for how many rooms you have and the capacity of those rooms. You will save money in energy efficiency but installation is a little more expensive and electricity costs more than gas. Aesthetics may be a problem for you if you do not want your heating and cooling on the wall. You do have a choice as to where the unit goes, but if you do not wish to have a vent in your living room, mini-split may not be for you.

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