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Why Now is the Best Time to Buy an Air Conditioner

If you are thinking about getting a new air conditioner now is the best time to buy. The HVAC industry is about to undergo the biggest minimum energy efficiency change that has been seen in years. This change is raising the minimum SEER2 rating of units to 15 SEER2, eliminating entry level 14 SEER units, and changing the efficiency testing methods from SEER2 to SEER resulting in all models rating out in lower efficiency. When combining these changes with historic supply chain issues and rising inflation, we expect to see price increases up to 25% for an entry level unit and 10-20% increase for all higher efficiency units.

What’s the good news? These changes do not take effect until Jan 1, 2023, so you have some time to make a decision.

Other reasons to buy: special 0% financing terms and off-season discounts available up to $1000 for a limited time

Whether your unit is costing you money through repairs, high energy bills or just old and worn out, now is the most affordable time to buy an air conditioning system that we will see for a long time.

Not to mention, you will be able to combine these special end of 2022 perks with the seasonal benefits that we expect. As the weather starts heating up for the summer, many people become desperate to buy an air conditioner to cool down their homes. However, buying during the summer season can cost you more due to the high demand. For this reason, waiting for the cooler off-seasons can help you save money.

Even though the weather has turned cooler, we still have employees to pay and bills to meet. The result is that we lower prices in the winter months to get customers better deals  and keep our business running.

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