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Keeping Your Heating Bill in Check

The cold weather has arrived, even though we’re sure to have some warm days this winter – this is Texas after all! We had our first freeze here in the DFW area a few weeks ago, so you’ve probably already used your heater at least a few times this season. Most of us probably are used to a higher bill in the summer than the winter. However, as it gets colder that electric bill can still be a bit daunting. So, let’s take a look at some things that will help make that bill more bearable.

Be sure your furnace is up to par. Each year you should have it inspected to be sure that it’s running properly. The money you save by having an efficient heater will outweigh the cost of a typical tune up.

Let the Heat In. Open up those curtains or blinds on a sunny day, and let the solar heat help warm your home. Plus, it’s a good way to fight off any winter-time blues. .

Don’t Let the Heat Out. Check those windows and doors for any cold air coming in. If there’s cold air coming in, then there’s warm air going out. One way to check this is by holding a candle near the seals of your windows. If the flame flickers, you know you have likely found a problem area. You can buy some inexpensive caulking to fill those leaks. If you have this issue in any of your doorways, then weatherstripping will usually resolve that issue.

Use a programmable thermostat. Like the furnace inspection, a programmable thermostat won’t take long to pay for itself. This allows you to determine what temperature your home will be at what time. The less work your heater has to do the more money you will save, but you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort. A few degrees can go a long way. Set your thermostat for about 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit while you’re out of the house, and around that same temperature while you’re sleeping (adjust for comfort). Of course, you can manually adjust a non-programmable thermostat, it just requires a little more attention.

Dress for the weather. Put on some warm, comfy clothes and enjoy some hot chocolate, coffee, or tea. You don’t have to break out your parka, but again, a few degrees can make a big difference in the cost to heat your home.
We hope these tips help you make your heating bill more manageable each month. If not, it may be time to give us a call at 817-488-6733. Stay warm and comfortable this holiday season.

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