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It’s Not Hot Yet, So Turn Your AC On Now

Turn On Your AC

It may be chilly now, but very soon, temperatures will be back in the 80s and your air conditioner will be running. That means it’s time to make sure your HVAC unit is ready for the summer months with a springtime tune-up.

The best prescription is prevention, so now is the perfect time to get ahead of any potential issues by turning your air conditioning unit on during some of these warmer days where you may not normally run it.

It doesn’t get much easier than simply turning on your air conditioner, and having the ability to catch issues early has so many benefits down the line. Checking in on your air conditioning unit in the late winter or very early spring gives you the benefit of plenty of time to schedule a repair at your convenience. What’s even better, you may be able to take advantage of preseason or offseason specials that businesses offer during their less scheduled weeks.

Once you’ve decided to do a test run in your home, what is it that you should make sure to look for? Obviously the first step is to be sure the air conditioner comes on as expected, but also pay attention to some of the other signs that everything is running smoothly. Look for all your rooms cooling evenly, pay close attention and listen for unusual noises especially loud ones that you don’t remember hearing from your unit before.

Take a walk outside your home and check to make sure that the outdoor unit is running. Once you’ve made sure the air conditioning unit is operating smoothly, check to make sure the thermostat cools your home down to the set temperature that you programmed. Sometimes an air conditioner will cool, but may not be able to get things as cool as you’ll need once the summer heat hits. This early-season test run is also a great time to install fresh air filters in your home.

Of course, another excellent option is to simply give us a call at Gentry Air Conditioning! Our friendly professionals will be happy to come out to your home for a tune-up. Together, we can make sure that your family is ready for whatever temperatures the upcoming Texas summer has in store!