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Air Conditioning System Cost

How Much Does A New Air Conditioning System Cost?

New Air Conditioning System

For many reasons, “How much does a new air conditioning system cost?” is a big unknown for homeowners. The broad answer for 2017 is $5000-$18,000, and you shouldn’t see more than a $1000 difference between HVAC contractors on an “apples to apples” bid. We will dive in further on this post to explain the variables that can greatly affect the cost of an air conditioning system replacement and give some more specific pricing.


This is the size of the air conditioner unit that you need to stay comfortable in your home. Like most things, the price goes up with the size of the unit. This factor is largely determined by the composition of your home. An HVAC professional can properly size the unit for you.


This is the efficiency of your AC system. Federal registrations require a minimum of 14 SEER in the DFW area and we have units all the way up to 20 SEER. The 14 SEER HVAC systems are basic in terms of features and energy usage. As the SEER goes up, the energy usage goes down and comfort features are added.

There are many factors may come into play such as: duct work, unit relocation, energy efficiency, accessibility, air balancing, and difficulty of the install. Now that you have some more information, we will give you some price tiers within the broad range:
Good = 14 SEER AC & heat system – $5000 to $7000
Better = 16 SEER AC & heat system – $6000 to $8000
Best = 17 SEER  and some 18 SEER AC & heat systems – $8000 to $10000
Premium = some 18 SEER and 20 SEER AC & heat systems – $10,000 to $18,000
As you can see, the ranges for each type of air conditioning system still vary even when we break them down into tiers. The best way to see what it will cost is to replace your air conditioning system is to schedule an appointment with us for a free estimate and we can take a look at all of the factors and give you a quote.
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Two-Stage Air Conditioning

What Is Two-Stage Air Conditioning?

Two-Stage Air Conditioning

Two-stage air conditioning is an extremely beneficial option in terms of comfort, energy savings, and many other areas. In this blog we are going to explain what two-stage air conditioning is and what it can do for you.

What is Two-Stage Air Conditioning?

It’s all in the name. Traditional air conditioning systems are either on 100% or completely off. Those systems use a lot of energy on start up and blow out a lot of cold air into the house very quickly. Two-stage systems start out using 70% capacity and then kick in the remaining 30% of capacity if needed. The result is that less energy is used and the airflow is more evenly distributed through the home.


When our customers ask us what the #1 benefit to a two-stage AC system is, we answer with comfort. You may have experienced a traditional single stage AC system that it is loud and blasts air out of the vents that lead to humid conditions and hot/cold spots through the house. A two-stage air conditioner solves these issues. Instead of racing to get the thermostat down to the set point, this AC system only uses the amount of cooling capacity and air flow that is needed. This allows your home to be cooled evenly, quietly, and removes excess humidity by running at a lower speed for more time.

Lower Utility Bills

Air conditioners are just like vehicles, they are more efficient by running at a consistent speed. Which scenario would use more gas? 5 miles of stop and go traffic or 10 miles of highway driving? The single stage AC works a lot like stop and go traffic and the two-stage AC is like cruising on the highway. The result is that your AC unit works longer, but not as hard, and thus uses less energy. The minimum efficiency for a two-stage system is 17 SEER, which can help recoup the cost of a two-stage system.

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Air Conditioner Unit Repair

Are Air Conditioning Unit Tune-Ups Necessary?

Air Conditioning Unit Repair

Ask a homeowner if they get their air conditioning unit tuned up and you will usually get a distinct “Yes, every year” or “No, never”. Then ask them how often they break down. It’s not a coincidence that the “No Tune-up” people will sometimes say that they have frequent repairs or comfort issues. Air conditioning units have come a long way in recent years in terms of efficiency and comfort. As they get more precise, maintenance on those units has moved from an option to a must. There are many benefits that we will list below:

Increased lifespan

If anything convinces someone that they need regular air conditioning unit tune-ups, its the fact that they will help get the most life out of a unit. A lot of companies say that a unit will only last you 10-15 years. Without proper maintenance 10-15 years is all you can expect, but well maintained units can go 20 or more!

Minimized repairs

An AC tune-up can’t guarantee that you wont have a break down, but it goes a long way in heading off those breakdowns and giving you the chance to make preventive repairs before they happen at an inconvenient time

Improved efficiency 

Using our checklist, we cover the components that can start to ratchet up your energy bill.

Increased comfort

Most AC service calls start with a customer that is uncomfortable. It could be humidity, thermostat not reaching the desired temp, foul odors coming from the AC unit or a number of other items. During a tune-up we cover your bases on items that lead to discomfort.


If you are using the same AC company year after year then you have a chance to build a relationship on trust that you can rely on when a major repair or replacement is needed. There is no one more distraught than a homeowner in the middle of summer hiring an AC company that they know nothing about to invite into their home to fix their AC unit.

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