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Air Conditioner Unit Repair

Are Air Conditioning Unit Tune-Ups Necessary?

Air Conditioning Unit Repair

Ask a homeowner if they get their air conditioning unit tuned up and you will usually get a distinct “Yes, every year” or “No, never”. Then ask them how often they break down. It’s not a coincidence that the “No Tune-up” people will sometimes say that they have frequent repairs or comfort issues. Air conditioning units have come a long way in recent years in terms of efficiency and comfort. As they get more precise, maintenance on those units has moved from an option to a must. There are many benefits that we will list below:

Increased lifespan

If anything convinces someone that they need regular air conditioning unit tune-ups, its the fact that they will help get the most life out of a unit. A lot of companies say that a unit will only last you 10-15 years. Without proper maintenance 10-15 years is all you can expect, but well maintained units can go 20 or more!

Minimized repairs

An AC tune-up can’t guarantee that you wont have a break down, but it goes a long way in heading off those breakdowns and giving you the chance to make preventive repairs before they happen at an inconvenient time

Improved efficiency 

Using our checklist, we cover the components that can start to ratchet up your energy bill.

Increased comfort

Most AC service calls start with a customer that is uncomfortable. It could be humidity, thermostat not reaching the desired temp, foul odors coming from the AC unit or a number of other items. During a tune-up we cover your bases on items that lead to discomfort.


If you are using the same AC company year after year then you have a chance to build a relationship on trust that you can rely on when a major repair or replacement is needed. There is no one more distraught than a homeowner in the middle of summer hiring an AC company that they know nothing about to invite into their home to fix their AC unit.

Call Gentry Air Conditioning today to schedule your air conditioning unit maintenance!

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air conditioning tune-up

What Is An Air Conditioning Tune-Up?

air conditioning tune-up

Customers ask us all the time what happens during a tune-up. An air conditioning tune-up is a full inspection and analysis of your cooling system along with the cleaning of accessible parts. The cost of scheduling regular maintenance will easily pay for itself by extending the life of your air conditioning system and breakdowns that are avoided. Below is a list of what we do during a tune-up and what makes Gentry AC different than the rest.

Inspect all electrical components

Capacitors, fan motors, compressors, thermostats and circuit boards. The key to checking these items is that we can see signs of weakness that can cause a break down during the hottest days of the year. When we find these issues, we inform of the issue and their options and then let them decide to leave the part as is or replace it to prevent the breakdown.

Refrigerant levels

A system that is low on refrigerant will start developing other directly related issues. Checking your refrigerant annually helps catch a leak before it becomes a larger problem

Condensate Drains

Have you ever seen water dripping from a pipe on the side of your house? That typically means that your condensate drain is clogged. We check for this and clear any clogs if present.

Air Filter

A dirty air filter can cause issues all down the line of your system. We make sure that yours is clean and ready to go

Condenser coils

We thoroughly wash the outdoor condenser coils. Keeping these clean helps your AC system run at peak efficiency

Ductwork and other items

We visually inspect your ductwork and other items to identify and air leakage or efficiency issues.

We only use knowledgeable “Service Technicians” with several years of experience that can, not only, maintain your AC units, but identify any potential issues that may arise. Some companies use “Maintenance Technicians” that have limited knowledge of AC systems and perform only basic functions.

Call Gentry Air Conditioning today to schedule your maintenance before the heat gets here!

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Replace HVAC System Before Selling

Replace Your HVAC System Before Putting Your House On The Market?

Replace HVAC System Before Selling

A question we get asked often is “Should we replace our HVAC system before putting our house on the market?” 

Selling your home can be a nerve-wracking time. Packing, hiring movers, last minute showings and all of the other necessities are all stressful. Most sellers have little time to think about their HVAC system. It may seem counter-intuitive to make a large investment on an HVAC system for a home that you are selling. When a potential buyer walks through and around a home, that rusty unit or dusty furnace can be a red flag. No one wants to purchase a home, then months later have to spend thousands of dollars on repairs or replacement. Having the ability to show that your current HVAC system is healthy and shows no signs of breaking down is vital to selling your home.

Potential HVAC Issues

We often get called to homes by sellers and buyers to evaluate HVAC systems to see if there are issues or weaknesses. An old or inefficient system can lead to high utility bills, plus signal possible breakdowns in the future. A trend that is popping up nowadays is home buyers requesting recent utility bills. A higher average electric bill will likely detract a person from purchasing a home. 

Many home sellers schedule us to come out and identify any potential issues that could hold up the sale. You may not recoup 100% of the cost from replacing your HVAC. However, it will help with marketability and the ease of selling your home for the price you’ve asked. All home buyers would prefer a new HVAC system in their new investment! If you want to make sure your home’s HVAC system will pass the test before you put your home on the market, give us a call!

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