Residential Heating


When you think of Texas, cold isn’t the word that comes to mind, but when your heating system isn’t working, its the only word. The good news is that in our area heating systems don’t get overworked like our AC systems so they can last longer and typically have fewer breakdowns. When your heating unit does go out, you need a top notch heating service company like Gentry AC to get on the job and get it fixed fast. If requested, we offer service reminders each fall so that you can be sure that your heater will keep you cozy in the winter months. If you are huddling under blankets, you need to give us a call!

Residential Heating Services

  • Heat pump/furnace/electric heat repair – Unit not heating? give us a call
  • Heating unit replacement – Heater getting old? We can get you a new energy efficient model
  • Heating unit maintenance and service reminders – You have enough to take of. Let us take care of your heater
    • Inspect air filters
    • Inspect and test heating operation 
    • Check Freon levels on heatpumps
    • Inspect and test electrical components
    • Carbon monoxide testing
    • Inspect heat exchanger for deterioration and rust 
  • Residential Heating Replacement

– When your AC needs replacement you don’t need to stress over the cost. We offer convenient consumer financing options through Wells Fargo HomeProjects to help keep the payments manageable

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